I still want it…

I still want it.
Life is a little evil, especially with un attentive students, it will find you, and teach you lessons in absurd evil ways.
I was asleep, dreaming, and in my dreams I was in an Ice Cream store.
I stare down the fridge, and I see lots of choices.
The thing with Ice creams is that you either know what you want, or are confused to the core. Such was my state today.
I kinda knew I wanted the ice candy, but the choices confused me.
As I stare down the fridge. The owner reminds me to make a choice quick because there’s a power cut.
Power cut also means mushy candies, but that’s ok, I can take that yummy leap of faith. And just as I am about to do that.
I get a call. From reality. In reality too.
I still want it. Life is a little evil. Especially with un attentive students


About satyenpoojary

Who am I? A question that has endless answers, endless! I am not a brand, not a product, nor a service. For some days, I am a deprived rider - deprived of good bikes (like most of us) and deprived of opportunities to "ride enough", again like some of us.‬ But then on some days, I am a bloody opportunist, always hunting excuses to ride. Which is probably why I am called the 'Super CommuTOURer!' On somedays, I just commute... on road, or within. For someone as fat and growing as me, that's a lot of travel, both effort wise, and distance wise!

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