25000 days.

25000. The number doesn’t quite seem much.



Doesn’t seem much at all, till the time you realise that it’s the average lifespan in days for you and me.

The journey from being a thoughtless infant, to be possibly reduced to just mere thoughts.

The journey to influence, be influenced, and then abstain from existence in this form as we know it. All in these 25000 days.

Everyone seems to have great ideas on how to spend 25000Rs, and even toil knowing how insufficient it is, but not as such for 25000 days.


About satyenpoojary

Who am I? A question that has endless answers, endless! I am not a brand, not a product, nor a service. For some days, I am a deprived rider - deprived of good bikes (like most of us) and deprived of opportunities to "ride enough", again like some of us.‬ But then on some days, I am a bloody opportunist, always hunting excuses to ride. Which is probably why I am called the 'Super CommuTOURer!' On somedays, I just commute... on road, or within. For someone as fat and growing as me, that's a lot of travel, both effort wise, and distance wise!

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