About Me

Well! Chances are that if you are here, you already know me by some source.

Unless you are a SPAM BOT or I have become a bit famous!

A Fuzzy me

Either ways, here is what you should know about me. For Starters I am Satyen Shivananda Poojary.

When did I come to existence?

Born confused on the worlds longest night as a cusp between two weird astronomical signs, one that signifies me as a goat! bleh! and the other is another confusing character half man, half horse considered to be an archer! So like the archer, coming to the point… It was  22nd Dec!

What have I been so far?

Notice the obnoxious word ‘been’…  Have tried to survive some of my early years in a school which tried to teach me everything I needed to know (well not really, there are some questions which were never really answered by any)

The real learning happened when I passed my first board exam and couldn’t enrol into science stream, thanks to some nice-to-have family values and a  nice education system! So I started my learning phase as a wannabe scientist in a commerce stream, and its no surprise that today I am a wannabe-scientist-who-is-a-commerce-graduate- has-a-marketing-MBA-and-works-for-a-telecom-company-consulting-about-risk-and-help-plug-them-but-considered-more-as-a-SME-in-financial-services! That more or less what goes into my professional resume.

Apart from that, I have been blessed with enough friends who classify me as a nerd, a geek, a biker, a photographer, a writer, a painter,an artist, a musician  and psst even a cook!  I am thankful to the almighty to help me with such friends who apart from all that also consider me as a friend! I wouldn’t do that if it were me but hey THANK YOU!

What do I ride?

In my garage, I have two of the most potent track tools aka the TVS Apache RTR 160 (souped) and the Yamaha YZF R15!  These bikes have gone through a lot of commuting, and a little bit of touring as well. Ah! and mind it, my commuting is\was probably as much as some people tour! 170KMs a day for last 3 odd years, now reduced to 400KMs a week now! That’s why the name the Sports CommuTOURer, where Sports – the type of bike I prefer, CommuTOURer as my commute is almost as long as what some people tour! and the end signifies the little bit of touring I do!

Do you want to know anything more? Then please drop me a note… and I will happily amend this page!


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