I know I can’t write a lot, but I do write a fair bit. Some of the sarcy/satirical/dark humour is now lost in either xBHP server crashes, or in the pile of YOUR FaceBook produce.
So this section is for the awesome me!
If you don’t like these quotes, … What? You expect me to retaliate! Pteew!

#Try This when you are hurt!

You will never see my tears, even after hurting me.. You know why, coz they are precious.
But yes, you will see me joke a lot..
You know why
coz my jokes are cheap!

About me

I am wired wrong, I am wired to smile all the while!
Try to scare me, and I will smile..
Try to upset me, and I will smile..
Try to shake me, and I will smile..
Try to ask your money back… And I will… 😀

What goes up and down? And changes colours every times it does so?

India vs Australia in WC2011
Can I have 16 tickets to Australia? .. No sir, the flight is full!

India vs Pakistan in WC2011
Guess which stadium is closest to Pakistan?
#mohali. Be kind to your neighbours, give them the auto fair

GO PAKISTAN!!!!! I mean Go Back HOME! We are here to stay!!!!

India vs Srilanka
India winning the finals will help SriLanka too! I mean imagine all of India burning Sri Lankan made crackers! It would do their economy so good!

Biker me
If wishes were horses, I wouldn’t have been a biker!

Summer time
A lot has changed, a lot will change, a lot keeps changing! And then there is this lot you want to change, and another that you don’t!

Be Careful what you wish for, they might just come true!

Hurt by a near one?
The ones nearest to you, can hurt you the most… Have you ever seen a boxing match in a football field? Its just logical!

Evil Money
If money is so evil, how come no one wants to take up exorcism?

  1. Deepak.m.pathania

    Aaawwwwwww……. Did not expect this (joke of a joke)to come up….. 😉

    Nice concept though….
    Bookmarking this page for up coming stealable quotes/mis quotes….. Lol

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