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Start up Stories: Team Work

Working solo, is like a gear in motion,
You will run fast on days, slow on some
No matter what speed you run, you will wear
Working as a team is like working with many interlinked gears.
One’s commotion, sets other in motion. And vice versa.
Collective speed, turning mass. Rotation after rotation.
Each fuelling, the other.
And then, working as a team is also like working with gears.
One cog in the wrong direction, and there will be grind,
Tooth shall fall, fuel, friction of the wrong kind.
Set. Reset. Set. Refuel.

I – powerful beyond thoughts

I is such a powerful word, 
One letter, An alphabet, ‎One character,
Powerful, Good, Evil, and rest‎
A story within, and more outwards
Ownership, Identity, Perceived and implied. 
The creator, and his creation and it’s credit. 
The acceptance, the acknowledgement, the prophecy too. 
I am. Therefore I. 


I used to be different,
And then I turned indifferent,
And then there was this difference,
That differently differed from my indifference,
And instantly I turned different
Different from my determined indifference
Indifferent from the deterred difference
Yet a difference, quite different

The Last of her

Inhale. Exhale

Inhale. Exhale

There she was, with a gentle glow..‎
Luring me, to touch her by my lips.
A flame within her, tempting me
To breathe, with. To breathe within

And I just stare, as there’s been enough
Not now, not anymore.
This is it. No more from now.
This is going to be the last.
The Last. The last cigarette.  ‎

– An intro of hopefully a long story someday

On a cold Christmas night

I saw the Sun breakthrough darkness,
And moon disappear in bright.
Wind swaying gentle,
On a cold Christmas night.
Things I try forget,
Reminded, at every attempt,
Of what time makes today,
Is of all that, that I’ve spent..
Do things for doing,
For doing that appease,
I was here as myself,
And not here to please..
On a cold Christmas night,
I forgot. I forgave

Travel. For the World is yours for the taking..

If you think your world is as much as you can amass between your arms. You are mistaken.
That is just you.
Every thing else is your WORLD!
– CommuTOURer

The world is yours for the taking

Biker Diaries: Madness isn’t for everyone

Take your time, think, & then some more
But to this, confusion, give in no more
While you think, it stings, but do remember
That this, is the only life you get
Take your time, think, & then think more
Neither time, nor I, would last forever
This time, you spend in thinking more
Could end up, as the bane of regret
So then, may be, take the plunge,
Remember, that madness isn’t for everyone
Worry the scars, the wounds, the pain & more?
Madness is fun. Yeah Madness is fun

Biker Diaries: Madness

A little bit of madness to bring back sanity,
A little bit of madness, acts of insanity!
A little bit of madness, has kept me trying,
A little bit of madness, of thoughts prying,
A little bit of madness, to forget the bad
A little bit of madness, makes me glad
Madness – Begins: June 24th

Biker Diaries – Unfulfilled dreams

18 May 2012

The year the world ends. 2012. I hope it doesn’t. Not that am scared of death, neither is it that life excites me a lot. Just that I have dreams. Unfulfilled. Not a dream, but dreams. Though one prominent of them got fulfilled when spark came home, another still due. A motorcycle tour of Leh. A long pending dream.
Truth be told, its not that I haven’t tried. I have tried 5 times before.

2005 – Two years of working experience, but decent enough riding experience. Having been rated as a top performer, it was money enough to upgrade myself to a new bike. Avenger 180, one of the first of the lots which has a engine kill switch. Sadly, the ignition isn’t the only thing it killed.
My work shifts were crazy, especially since I was a part of a 24 x 7 team. A team that manages credit card “authorizations”. A process that empowers a 3.5 Inch plastic card with wealth. A plastic that let’s you buy things you need, and many a times things that you think you need. So its only logical that when people spend the most (read holidays), I slog my rear at office. Trying to maintain a positive card usage experience. I apply for leaves, and in a blink of an eye its shot down. You see some of my peers are moving out to newer roles. What’s worse than a 24×7 role? A 24×7 role with skeletal staffing. Baah! I will tour alone in madness throughout this year. As for one my schedules don’t match with others, and secondly the concept of friends fade when you have a role like this. And hence I continue my solo commutes and tours, waiting, hoping, conspiring that I will tour solo the next year.

2006 – Another year, another top rating. I have matured a bit more in my riding. This time I should be able to do it! Or so I thought. I spend summers in preparing for an entrance to a Business school. NMIMS. With a bit of street smartness and some preparation for CET, I smoke the papers. The result, I have to join the class in June. This doesn’t just mean that the over due Leh plans have to take a back seat as the “Good” season is only June – September.
This would also mean juggling between two demanding poles in life. A demanding work place, and may I say an equally demanding college. It is perhaps irony of life that they call this “Business management”
And so I managed my business. Plans shelved. At least for the time being even before they were born. It will be an year of hard work and juggling. Three trimesters and some mind numbing projects later its vacation time.

2007 – We sit brainstorming in the college campus, a group of new-found friends, we plan for a vacation. I sneak in the idea of Leh. Now if I can convince them, it would mean I would have a back up van too! They are convinced alright, but then there’s a better, slightly lesser extreme plan. Needless to say Leh is put on backburner (a trip that’s still due for that entire gang!)
A trip to Darjeeling. A trip that I still cherish. So we didn’t get to Leh, but the time we spent at Pelling, Kalimpong and around would always be special. This was barely an attempt. Soon I will go on to join a new employer. Someone who would probably help me earn my worth and save enough for hatching my plan. I travel around on the bike, and am soon made to travel around the globe. A project here, A project there. Ultimately I end up with an “Allowed to keep term” in one of my subjects thanks to low attendance. The vacation of 2008 would be spent in trying to catch up. In trying to clear off this monkey from my back. This is a new experience for me, and its only logical I will have to quit this job. Being blessed with responsibilities is a pretty tough thing. Not impossible, but tough. But like everything else, this too shall pass. And thus passed 2008, and soon I get my post graduation. I go back to my previous employer who has now shifted to pune

2010 – Now or never.
March 19 – 2010, I apply for my leaves which are verbally approved.
Much of the fools day was spent fooling around in Pune with my boss (a pretty cool chap!) watching IPL. He was rooting for KKR. Simply because his Keralite roots were reason enough for him to appreciate KKR cheerleaders!
April 2, I am supposed to ride to Bangalore. My bike is now supposed to take on the stage 2 of modifications to help me in having more power for the terrain. I leave early in the morning. I cross Solapur and get a call. My boss has a heart attack and passes away. That is not a good thing anyway, more so if you were a 2 man team. RIP Ishaq.
I cancel my ride for Bangalore, and take over this new responsibility. The role was anyway too much to handle for a team of two, but now its a one man show. I manage the work and still start my preparations. After all my super boss has assured me that I would soon have a back up. It’s mid may already, and I don’t see any new recruitment. Neither do I get any support. I plead, but no respite. This isn’t the first promise that was not fulfilled. My need to shuffle between Mumbai Pune and tele commute which was officially allowed for my role, but I wasnt empowered enough to claim this benefit. Confrontation doesn’t help. I resign. Luckily, I am blessed enough to have a new job waiting for me in Mumbai. The new employers are willing to buy back my notice period. But my ex employers are not willing to release me. And so for second time in my life, I would continue honoring my 3 months notice right till the last day. Worst with this is with no pay. I am finally relieved in August. Too late to visit leh, my bank account struggling, and my future employer patiently waiting. I guess its too late for now. And perhaps I can never. I decide I will do a proper trip whenever I resign from this job. Fcuk it.

2011 – I get married. Call it sensibility (for a lack of politically correct term) that I don’t try to sneak a Leh plan in the Honeymoon. But yeah, I do get closer. The closest I have ever got to Leh on a road trip. Rohtang in a hired car, honeymooning. However a bikers itch doesn’t die. We hire a bike at Manali and attempt Rohtang, but its closed.. We go as far as we can. And then climb down. Not a smart thing to do sans the gear, but yes.. guilty.
Later in 2011, Kingfisher announces a contest. Having depleted all my leaves, perhaps a contest is what it would take that could lead me to Leh. I participate, and am in the top 3, but suddenly in the last day, some one comes from no where and wins the contest. Contest. Right.

2012 – Its Leh Season.
Can I make it atleast now?
This time around though I dont even have an appropriate bike.

 …. (To be continued like everything else in life)