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Odd planet. 

It’s an odd planet we live in. The humans, aren’t human enough. 

The animals, tamed for its survival. 

The water, needs cleansing. 

The air, not fresh enough. 

The fire, doesn’t purify nor frees you. 

The soil, though considered dirt, binds you. 

Yet the mountains feeble, fallen for structure. 

And like wise the feeding tree. 

It’s an odd planet we live in. 

Don’t Save the Planet. 

The arrogance of Man is that they believe that the planet needs to be saved. 

The ignorance of Man is that every time he says that, he means saving it in his inhabitable condition. 

Was it worth it?

So, Was it worth it? 

Well, Yes and No. 

Did you not think on these terms, ever? 

Oh I did, every time there was a need. 

That doesn’t answer how often. 

Well, quite often. 


And what…?

Did you not see it coming?

I did

Then why? Mathematical error? 

You think? 

Well you’ve erred before. 

Yes I have, but this I figured to the T 
Then why? 

Because. I did. 

25000 days.

25000. The number doesn’t quite seem much.



Doesn’t seem much at all, till the time you realise that it’s the average lifespan in days for you and me.

The journey from being a thoughtless infant, to be possibly reduced to just mere thoughts.

The journey to influence, be influenced, and then abstain from existence in this form as we know it. All in these 25000 days.

Everyone seems to have great ideas on how to spend 25000Rs, and even toil knowing how insufficient it is, but not as such for 25000 days.

Start up Stories: Team Work

Working solo, is like a gear in motion,
You will run fast on days, slow on some
No matter what speed you run, you will wear
Working as a team is like working with many interlinked gears.
One’s commotion, sets other in motion. And vice versa.
Collective speed, turning mass. Rotation after rotation.
Each fuelling, the other.
And then, working as a team is also like working with gears.
One cog in the wrong direction, and there will be grind,
Tooth shall fall, fuel, friction of the wrong kind.
Set. Reset. Set. Refuel.

Gym, and not fitness

I have a tough time understanding Gym… But I am convinced.

There was this bloke, draped in more muscles, than what I have as fat, hair and that multiplied by three.
His Tee Shirt proudly reading, “Exercise is my Drug”
Motivational enough.
Then on the 18th bench press, I read another
“Don’t do drugs”

I have a tough time understanding Gym… But I am convinced.

I still want it…

I still want it.
Life is a little evil, especially with un attentive students, it will find you, and teach you lessons in absurd evil ways.
I was asleep, dreaming, and in my dreams I was in an Ice Cream store.
I stare down the fridge, and I see lots of choices.
The thing with Ice creams is that you either know what you want, or are confused to the core. Such was my state today.
I kinda knew I wanted the ice candy, but the choices confused me.
As I stare down the fridge. The owner reminds me to make a choice quick because there’s a power cut.
Power cut also means mushy candies, but that’s ok, I can take that yummy leap of faith. And just as I am about to do that.
I get a call. From reality. In reality too.
I still want it. Life is a little evil. Especially with un attentive students

Take time. Stop

Take time. Stop
This isn’t a race,
Nothing to earn, by finishing first
Nor would you gain, if you still run..
So take time. Stop. Live.
Bask in all the glory,
Even if it won’t bring any fame..
Because all we are, are free souls,
Bound. Known.
And then forgotten. As names.

My world, without a home

Something I wrote last year, on this day. Never published!

My World, without a home
Without bricks, mortar, or stone
Yet so much to see,
Though, I can’t call it just my own,
You see, my world,
Is a world, without a home.
No boundaries, no wall to hold back,
In nights, no familiar roof to stare,
With no locks, and no key to spare.
My world, without a home


Why this now?

Every moment an option,
Every course a choice,
Everything happening now,
Or that, which has happened before,
Is what you once chose,
Good, bad or just nice.
So don’t ask on why this & how,
Because every present, presents, more