Do Not Click!

Gee! You couldn’t resist, could you…

Well… welcome to my blog… You just proved that at times it doesn’t take a dream to incept an idea into your fragile brain! Your brain is exposed to a lot of information all the time, and it builds that mental perception of things that you see or what you believe you see…

 The exposure in general could be:

  • Subconsciously – The more geeky term called as Subliminal Stimuli It’s a life where you are constantly being exposed to a lot of things unknowingly, it’s used to create familiarity, or build a preference towards something. This is where advertising plays around with your mind and gets into your dream!
  • Conscious exposure – Something you are knowingly reading, or viewing or listening. This is your choice to know, and so no one has a problem with it


Well, if you think ‘Subliminal Stimuli’ is indeed some shit psychosis let me clarify it’s just a spaghetti recipe!

See, you clicked, I caught your attention, I gave you some shit and you believed and now you are shaking your head denying you fell for it! Well this is what this blog aims to do…. Capture some experiences and analyse them into pointless conclusion. If you can derive any sense from it, then great… if you cant great again!


PS: It’s not a spaghetti recipe, read about it here

PPS:  Sorry to know that people play around with your minds all the time eh? This was a “Conscious exposure”, wait till you read the blog to see how you fall for Subliminal Stimuli!

PPS:  Click on the SuperCommuTOURer logo to continue… or click here 😉

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