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Anecdote Overdose

Scavenging through silence,
The loud echoes of it,
Uprooting anew pillar of strength,
To find weakness under it,
Thank you Oh Holy Master,
For the impious profane grit.

– Mortal

Biker Diaries: Madness isn’t for everyone

Take your time, think, & then some more
But to this, confusion, give in no more
While you think, it stings, but do remember
That this, is the only life you get
Take your time, think, & then think more
Neither time, nor I, would last forever
This time, you spend in thinking more
Could end up, as the bane of regret
So then, may be, take the plunge,
Remember, that madness isn’t for everyone
Worry the scars, the wounds, the pain & more?
Madness is fun. Yeah Madness is fun

Biker Diaries: Madness

A little bit of madness to bring back sanity,
A little bit of madness, acts of insanity!
A little bit of madness, has kept me trying,
A little bit of madness, of thoughts prying,
A little bit of madness, to forget the bad
A little bit of madness, makes me glad
Madness – Begins: June 24th


Pushing another one from the drafts, to the wilderness of the world. I know at this rate I doubt I can ever clear my blog drafts. And this despite my promise to self to stop apprehending! Nevertheless. Don’t whack your brain in trying to build a context around the post. It would be a waste.

I look down on us. Stare at the ground,
Silent outside, I think they hear me pray

The Sun has begun its descent; Yet I stare
at the skys reflection, on this earthen slate
I can’t look up, I can’t look within,
I stare, I choke, in disbelief I still pray,

Maddening rush around. Voices galore
You wrap my memories, and more..
And yet, they stay, to haunt me while I pray
The slate gets darker, Yet I wait
My prayers keep me steady, but you stray,
Please, stay. All I ask, is for one more day
Stay. For one more day..

Wish. Give. Dream. Make

With a little wish, and my belittled dreams
In slightest whispers, I try scream
Work with rigour, for rest to get true
Chin held high, as the cancer grew

With every sun, I would work and toil
Then with one, I would turn to soil
Even then, I’d smile no less
Aiming for none. But just to be blessed

A smile I sport, you’d think its fake
But tears, moves me to make…

~ Satyen Poojary

Never Again, Dream

Never Again, dream

My hands shiver, Oh these thoughts
Time has got us here,
Today, right here, Oh so near,
But how long, I yet know not

May be never, never again,
But for now. Here. True. Real,
Where from here, I still fear
Time has got us here, so near

Never been, dreams so near,
Senses lost. Dazzled I stare,
Uttered some, Which I know not,
Perhaps failing, describe my care

I avoid contact, my eyes stray,
Yet I see, touch and feel
Deep down the scars slowly heal,
I crave for more, so more I live
While time keeps passing by

You breath fire, and tease me more
We set speed, highways we would explore
The distance shrinks, the journey grows,
Happiness inside, Never been, dreams so near,
Never again, is what I fear

Never again dream, never again stop